Live in the Moment

12339_558695824167375_724698954_n“I found out recently that my friend’s brother had passed away rather quickly from advanced stage cancer.

Whenever I hear about a death, it really makes me think about how precious our time here on Earth is. It makes me think about my life, and if I will have any regrets should I end up leaving so suddenly.

I guess times like these can serve as a reminder to live a life without regrets.”by Atidecream

 Leo Babauta says:

“This morning I had a ton of work to do, and I felt the anxiety building, the moment I woke up and started thinking about all that work.

Instead of getting moving, I watched my anxiety. It’s an interesting feeling of rising panic, of adrenaline shooting from my chest outward. My mind was racing, my heart was beating fast.

I’ve learned to deal with it, so that while it still comes up, I now have trust that I’ll be fine. And that, in turn, helps it to go away sooner.

So what do you do when you’re overwhelmed and have a crapload of work to do?

Here are the practices that work for me. I offer them to you in hopes that they’ll help you.

1. Trust in the moment. Anxiety is usually a fear (or a bunch of fears) about the future, which is pretty normal. But what this really is … is a lack of trust in the future.

Actually nothing really bad will happen to me in the future if I act consistent with my principles so I trust the present moment, and trust that things will work out.

Try this: look at the moment you’re in. Look around you, look inward at yourself. Basically, this moment is fine. If it weren’t, you’d probably be in an ambulance instead of reading a Zen Habits post.

If this moment is fine, the next one will probably be too. And the one after.

2. Meditate for a few minutes. Just sit still for 3 minutes, and pay attention to the breath, to your body, to the sounds around you. Keep coming back to these things in the present when your mind wanders.

3. Make a short list. With a lot of work to do, it can be overwhelming. So I should focus on the most important. What will make the most difference today? Not just the semi-urgent emails, but the tasks that mean the most to my life and career.This tends to be about 3-5 things per day.

4. Single-task. The best of my ability, I stay with the present task instead of allowing myself to constantly switch.

5. Set intentions. What do I hope to accomplish? What’s my motivation? This helps me to understand the Why of the task, and keeps me motivated when things get hard.

 “To help my readers with a problem” is a much better reason than, “Because it’s on my list” or “Because I got an email asking me to do it”. I might do the task either way, but with a solid intention, I’m more focused, more motivated.

6. Realize you’re already there. Often we’re rushing to get somewhere. But where are we going? Will we be happier when we get there? Is that place better than where we already are?

I’ve found that no, it’s not any better. Where we already are is just as great. This moment is just as good as wherever we’re rushing off to. We’ve already arrived. So I smile, and appreciate the moment, and this makes the current task not a stepping stone to something better, but something great in and of itself.

7. Keep a stateless mindset. When we rush through a lot of tasks, they tend to accumulate in our heads.

These cost a lot of energy so by letting go of past and future tasks, and just focusing on the current task, we can be less stressed and burdened throughout the day. Read more.

8. Let go of finishing your list or inbox. Set a schedule and try to respect it. I practice letting go, and allow some emails to remain in my inbox, and some tasks to remain for tomorrow.

These are the things I try to practice. I don’t always get them right, and I mess up constantly. But when I remember to do these practices, my day is much better, I’m more focused, and my stress levels drop dramatically.”

source: and Atidecream


25 Holiday Affirmations by Louise Hay

1508049_10152029720135677_598310557_n“As I quiet down and focus on the beautiful things in my life during this time, I open myself up to my own healing powers

1. I begin today by loving and accepting every part of myself, inside and out, exactly as I am.

2. Today, I look for the beauty in everyone and everything.

3. Today, whenever I need anything, I know that it will be provided.

4. I am grateful for all the good that is coming my way.

5. Today I take a moment to count my blessings.

6. When I think of others, I affirm that they are happy and healthy and that all is well in their world.

7. Traffic jams around the holidays give me time to do more affirmations.

8. Abundance comes to me from expected and unexpected sources, and I express gratitude for all of it.

9. I have unlimited energy during the holidays and I use it well.

10. This is a harmonious, loving, peaceful season. I have time for everyone around me.

11. I now allow new and wonderful things to come into my life. I am open and receptive to all that is good.

12. Change and surprise are evident everywhere I go today. I look with delight at all I see.

13. I make sure the holiday foods and beverages I ingest contribute to my vibrant health.

14. I share my love and holiday joy with everyone I meet. Life is good.

15. I open my home and welcome guests with music and holiday love. They are like a loving family to me.

16. My home is a happy place to be during the holidays. I bless everyone who walks through the door, myself included.

17. My friends are loving and supportive.

18. Everyone in my family is Divinely protected at all times.

19. Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself.

20. Humor and joy contribute to my overall well-being.

21. Compliments are gifts of prosperity. I have learned to accept them graciously.

22. Life is very simple during the holidays and every day. What I give out, I get back.

23. Today I give myself permission to do whatever gives me the most pleasure.

24. Throughout the holidays, I am centered, calm and balanced.

25. As I quiet down and focus on the beautiful things in my life during this time, I open myself up to my own healing powers.”

by Hay House Radio

25 Holiday Affirmations
~ Louise Hay

Gratitude for my Affordable Ford Car

It is September now. Children start school, its’ a bit colder, the days are shorter but also the sun has a different warming light, a cheerful air and an atmosphere that is almost magic..

I thought that sleeping longer and being cozy in the morning was one of the best experiences until it made me sad. I realized that being on the edge of time was taking me so much of life.

So I got up earlier, I made several sports’ moves, I read my daily affirmations with confidence, I changed my clothes and combed my hair, did my make-up, took my pills in time and ate. And I felt great, so alive!

I jumped in my car and thanked my car for all the wonderful places we have visited together. I said my Hooponopono: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you” affirmations. I apologized for all my hurries, all the bumps I took, all the times I was angry, unhappy while driving it.

And I promised myself and my car that even if sometimes people abandon me because they have another course in life, even if times are difficult I will always be grateful for my yellow Ford car. It is actually the only thing I own. It was a gift from my entire family.

So when I received this car, when my family gave me this small, yellow, cheerful, fast and furios 🙂 Ford, time and energy saving eco machine they gave me freedom, they gave flexibility, they gave me the time and energy to go where I wanted and I dreamed of. I am able to go to aerobics, to dance classes, to be part of 2 choirs..

And so I met wonderful people and experienced such joy, frustration and discomfort of becoming  better 🙂 I have traveled with the car and with the choirs due to being persistent and on time for many rehearsals.

I am so thankful for this car. I own it for 3 years now and it has been a blessing. I thank my parents and due to all these blessings and many others they have thought me to appreciate distance, get out of the car to make more accurate estimations.

Through this car they have taught me to be more present, to be patient, to respect others, to be responsible because real life actions bring real life consequences. And even the lack of action it is an action and it brings results or lack of results. And some results may be more expensive than a visit to a cosmetic saloon.

I forgive my parents and I forgive myself because I have learned the lesson of love, appreciation, gratitude and responsibility.

Having a good rest, getting up earlier, gave me the opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of life. The sunshine, the people around me, smiling, waving, the mates in the traffic which were appearing in front of me but I respected them because I wasn’t greedy,  in a hurry, I was at peace with myself, with others, with time and it all blended in naturally..

Since my affordable Ford car is yellow and pretty and visible even birds get close to it, small dogs are curios and that makes be even more careful and joyous. They make me smile and be more cautious. They have instilled in me a respect for nature and somehow it made me feel closer to nature.

To be even more eco with my efficient Forda Ka I travel with mates back from work. They’re shift starts earlier but we have a deal to return together. I feel I have a purpose, and a meaning and I work for a noble cause.

Thank you, I love you

photo source: Ford