The Child That Holds Us Back

8747_777648088918070_92577918_nThe Child That Holds Us Back

By Leo Babauta

It took me a long time to figure out why I, and so many others, have difficulties changing habits and making lasting changes in our lives. It all comes down to a little child. And that child lives within each of us. This is the voice that stops us from making lasting changes.

This is the voice that says it’s OK to have those pastries, those French fries, that fried chicken. Life should be pleasurable!

This is the same voice that says it’s OK to skip out on exercise, is the same voice that causes you to procrastinate when you’re facing a difficult task.

It causes you to skip meditation, or skip learning a language, or skip writing your book, because you’d rather be doing something easier. This is the voice that keeps you from starting your own business, or pursuing the job you always wanted, because you’re afraid of failure.

This voice isn’t you. It’s a little child inside you. It’s the younger version of you, perhaps when you were 5 or 6.  But you’re not 5 years old anymore.

And yet your life is run by this 5-year-old. The trick is to notice that this 5-year-old child is telling you what to do. But don’t listen. Don’t obey. Don’t believe its rationalizations.

You can endure difficulty. You can learn to be OK with discomfort. You can face the fear.



Bounce Back from Depression

555853_774169439265935_1577367169_nThere are times when all of us may feel tired, overwhelmed, sick and depressed. Depression may be a sign from our body, from our psychic telling us to wake up.

Negative thoughts cause us pain which is supposed to awaken us. Just thank that thought, that feeling and start doing what you love.

Do something that makes you appreciate life, something that makes you be grateful for being alive.

It can be something simple: put some music and move your body. Release tensions and frustration through music. Dance and rhythm is used from ancient times for divine purposes. Rhythm is divine. Stars have rhythm, plants have rhythm, your heart has a rhythm.

When we feel signs of depresion remember what Leo from says:

1. I stopped being so self-centered.

So thinking about others instead of myself helps solve self-doubt and self-pity.

2. I loosened my identity.

For example, we get attached to ideas of who we are.Others might question what we do which can make us feel angry or hurt because of criticism, the need to be right etc.

“When I wasn’t productive, it made me despair because then I was worried I wasn’t who I thought I was. My solution was to realize that I’m not one thing.”

“It doesn’t matter if someone thinks I didn’t do a good job — because I don’t always do a good job. I make mistakes, I am less than perfect. And that’s perfectly OK.”

3. I remembered that this day counts.

“I only have so many days left on earth. I don’t know how many that is, but I do know it’s a very limited number. I know that each one of those limited days is a gift, a blessing, a miracle. ”

” Sometimes taking a break to nourish yourself is a worthwhile activity, because that allows you to do other worthwhile things, but just sitting around in self-pity isn’t helpful, I’ve found. So I got up and did something.”

4. I created movement.

“It can be hard to get moving when you are stuck. This is how I felt in 2005 when I couldn’t change any of my habits (…)

“I took the smallest possible step. Just opening up a document, just starting a list, just getting out a notebook. These are so small as to be insignificant, and yet so easy as to be possible. And it showed me the next step was possible, and the next.”

‘Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.’~Helen Keller


Love and Light from Adele

In 2014 I will Let Go to What isn’t of Service

1394257_750998641580934_383985498_n“My year is already booked with love, success, happiness, joy, freedom and achievement of my dreams. 

th love, success, happiness, joy, freedom and achievement of my dreams. 

 I was thinking of my life kind of like a bookshelf. A bookshelf should be lined with valuable books only.  I need a New SCRIPT. And my bookshelf of life needs space for new books, new chapters, with HAPPY endings. 

Because if I HOLD ON to THIS (unhealthy attitudes, toxic relationships etc), I’ll LET GO of what I deserve. And If I let go of what I DESERVE, I’ll be holding on to YOU but letting go of ME. And all that spells is me being UNHAPPY.

But right now, I chose to be free and I chose to be me. I love you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TO LET THIS GO IN PEACE. Please let me be. It’s time for me to be HAPPY!!! Please set me FREE!!”

by Shanel Cooper-Sykes


See yourself AS greatness. AS being extraordinary. AS
being the leader. AS having money in the bank. AS being
powerful. AS being happily married. AS an entrepreneur. AS being a homeowner. AS driving that new Mercedes. AS loved. AS desired. AS blessed. AS happy. AS peaceful. AS perfect.
And because you see yourself that way (because that’s
who you truly are), you will almost magically make this new year BIGGER and BETTER than ever before. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO THRIVE!!!
“With the new year here, I encourage you this:
Resolve to do nothing.

Instead, allow yourself to be.

Allow yourself to be seen

To be heard

To be loved
Unabashedly, unconditionally, uncompromisingly, unquestioningly,
completely and totally loved.

Allow yourself to be who you are
A child of Love,
Beautiful, whole, free.

With every fiber of my being, from the depths of my soul, I know this will be YOUR best year yet.
How could it not? You’ve got angels. You are love. Be!

I look forward to 2014, and I thank you for taking the journey with me to learn, laugh, let go, and be.

With love to all, Steff” by Angel’s Insight



“7 Years ago I married myself. I had a small ceremony alone in Central Park. I wrote vows to myself. I made a promise before God to love myself unconditionally. To cherish and to take care of myself. To honor my worth. To work hard in the pursuit of reaching my dreams.

To stay focused despite the obstacles that were to come. To cherish and honor my body and mind. To consistently forgive myself and others as I move through life. And to be the best Shanel Cooper-Sykes that I could possibly be. I bought a small 1 carat diamond ring and I wore it like the man of my dreams placed it on my finger…
Within those years of my self nuptials… there were many relationships, many businesses, many lessons, many setbacks, many tears, a few proposals here and there and a LOT of love and learning. But through it all I kept my commitment to myself. TO LOVE & HONOR *MYSELF* NO MATTER WHAT. I am living proof that when you put yourself FIRST — God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Putting God first means putting yourself first. To put God first means to love yourself and others unconditionally as GOD WOULD. That means having unstoppable faith. Always honoring your body, mind & spirit. Standing strong in your beliefs and values and living your life a certain way. Not allowing others to deter you from what you know is right. Forgiving yourself and others no matter the amount of pain endured. Being calm, kind, patient and understanding with yourself and others. All of that IS honoring God. We are all made in the likeness & image of God. We are reflections of God. You must speak, act & treat yourself as such… to the best of your ability.”

by Shanel Cooper-Sykes

Learn to Live and Appreciate the Present

Learning to Let GoIyanla Vanzant:
It takes a lot more courage to let something go than it does to hang on to it, trying to make it better.
Letting go doesn’t mean ignoring a situation. Letting go means accepting what is, exactly as it is, without fear, resistance, or a struggle for control.
Letting go means standing still and letting the world, or a piece of it, crumble at your feet while saying to yourself, “Mmmm, that’s interesting!”

Heal Yourself to Heal the World

1521595_337077563099028_251196760_nGod will give you hints or paths to follow for your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing which will bring you closer to Him. But you can’t guarantee that you won’t have to go through pain to get to His peace and joy.

Pain moves quickly through us if we don’t resist it. It is the resistance that cause things to get stuck and creates suffering. A big part of healing is releasing control to Him.

So can you release control and accept what happens, knowing that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and that He always has your highest good? This is true faith.

Many are in a prison cell of their own making. If you don’t have faith in His Love and path for you and you don’t take the hints, then you can only look at yourself when your life is not filled with joy.

You can’t heal the world until you heal yourself, and this means dropping false beliefs you have about yourself, about God, and about your relationship to Him.

Lawrence Doochin

posted by Tera Carissa Hodges