Love Yourself

Epecially since I am visiting ADM community near Amsterdam I realize people are genius.

I start to love people more and more. Now I realise there are many ways to live and that personal respect is very important.

Sometimes is chalenging to notice my own power,beauty and potential so those around me shouldn”t fuss about it. Honestly, I had my G spot all the time with me and I just discovered it yesterday, so make your own conclusions. Who knows what else I will discover the following days…

This is why I am telling you: love yourself, care for yourself, love your art, nurture your joy and passion, connect with others.

Lovingly give others the space to express themselve and give yourself time to perceive, understand, integrate. Nurture your creativity by eating more fuits an vegetables, hydrate yourself,connect with nature, connect wih inspiring people, make some time to express and manifest your pasion.

Live your passion every day, live your life now with full awareness inside and also outside. Always keep part of your attention inside and to your body.


Perfect Effort

On this day of your life, Roxana, I believe God wants you to know…

…that perfection is not required of you
— only perfect effort.

Not to even try because you don’t think you can would

be terribly sad. You’ll be amazed at what you can do if

you simply step into it.

Life awaits you on the other side of Risk. What can you

lose? Face? Dignity? Who cares about those when

greatness is possible? Who cares about those when

fairy tales are at hand?

Love, Your Friend….