Body Image Perception

Someone who doesn’t care about themselves is not attractive and can be a bad influence on the partner and kids, those people need support or counseling. And is not just about people who don’t work out it can be applied to many different aspects of self care, honor and self respect. Either are people who suffered emotional neglect as children and have continued the pattern, or narcissistic abuse, codependency issues, etc. And I do know people who have fat and are doing the self care and the work. And is beautiful. Its an entire lifestyle, involving more fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, cereals, water, stress management, PTSD recovery (see Inner Integration, Lisa A Ramon), enjoying nature, decluttering, prioritising, organising. This is part of my opinion and is not about shaming, is about better caring for our bodies, for our hearts, mind and soul. Its not about the weight, although weight may lead us to see if we are underweight or overweight and if there are ways to honor and serve ourselves better. And yes, Germanic medicine, Bruce Lipton, psychotherapists, coaches, Lise Bourbeau, Louise Hay, etc do know there is unity mind-body. Men’s sana in corpore sano dating thousands of years ago, Tao, Ayurveda thousands of years even before that… I do not agree with any kind of shaming be it physical, moral, spiritual, scientific but I do prioritise clarity, quest, openness and insight. You like my ideas, you can learn something useful? Good. If not please move on to what is of value to you. I only posted for those who are interested in this type of mentality, for people who want to allow better ways in their lives, more love, health, clarity and freedom.

Maybe if those people shaming you give so much attention, they are somehow attracted it seems…otherwise they will mind their own business. Or maybe they just feel intimidated or they don’t quite love, accept and approve of themselves either… And some want to challenge, motivate, others misdirect their anger and frustration meanwhile others just seek energy and attention. We all are magnificent, glorious and beautiful in our own way.


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