Commit to Happiness: Bear Necessities

1.check-in, check in, recognise emotions, stay with them, it will be better, when needed distract from them in a useful way: breathing, expanding vision and clarity, creativity, walks in nature, meditation
2. Bear Necessities:
-sleep even from 8 pm to really replenish and regenerate,
-buy, cook, eat simple: rice, potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, buckweet, pasta, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds; some of them are long term lasting foods one should always have at home to boil. Give beans and peas a boil several hours before you actually cook them in the boiling pot;
– stay hidrated, water gives health, clarity, stamina, vitality, creativity, energy and keeps good healthy organs and tissues.
– simple creative, organised clothes, things and schedule. Yeah, it can be that simple. Simple is efficient, clever, intelligent, sophisticated, healthy, creative and honorable. Love yourself enough to trust this. Don’t explain, don’t push against those with different opinions. Simplify your life. Decluter gradually your tasks, wardrobe, your mind, breath, energy body, your expenses and studies. Keep it smart and efficient.

3. Commit to your happiness. Have daily simple bear necessities goals for daily life. Expand with simple weekly and monthly goals. Keep your eyes on the ball: the bear necessities above, being in time at work, polite but assertive, simply you, normal, efficient, humble, grateful.
4. What Do You Do Most of Your Time? What do you think about, what activities you have, how do you organise? Check in, keep it as simple as you can, keep your eyes on the ball. Have patience.
5. Be smart with your stress. Take care of your self, again! Bare necessities ensures you are rested, well fed with natural simple foods and hydrated and enjoy time in nature for optimal physical, mental and emotional balance. Pace yourself.
6. Keep low profile, do your gratitude list each morning. At evening envision forgiving others and asking for forgiveness, appreciate the good and know there are ways in which you already are appreciated. Send love and see the best and the potential in others. See them at their best and send them love.
7. Shake your stress and negativity off, meditate and walk it out, dance it out in your room. Your room as your life, body and environment and other aspects have been given to you as gifts to enjoy and make the best that you can in the moment so enjoy. Keep it short and simple and restrain from gossip, blaming, shaming, critising others or yourself. Mocking is not funny on neither parts. With reccurent negative behaviours in others, keep interactions short, seldom and keep them in good regard. Seeing others as victims leads to becoming one of them… So regard people in their pure potential and they will, when they are ready, rise up to it.
8. Become aware of feelings and communicate it in a connected way: Breath and say:”I feel this way” and really be present, vulnerable in expressing it and humble with your emotion. Open the door for the other to see the impact of their behaviour giving them a chance to connection, comprehension and humanity…


Cultivating our Own Energy allows more Wellbeing to the World

When we allow relaxation, ease, when we stop pushing against things and focus more on what is healthy, beautiful, balanced, centered within, grounded, on what brings us real joy and balance we allow more balancing energy in our bodies.

In fact, we stop the conditioning and fight or flight programming, we heal our patterns of wounds and dramas by disconnecting from their mechanisms and allowing a broader perspective, being able to sit sometimes in the discomfort knowing it is going to be all right, this too shall pass allowing better solutions, wisdom and comprehension.

When we hydrate, sleep well, eat more raw fruits and vegetables, meditate, enjoy time outside in nature, enjoy movement, breathing steadily, concentrating more on simple beauty, on simple joys appreciating the summer and the winter sparkling evening sky, the sunrise and the dawn, seeing people with love, appreciating more, having an attitude of grace and gratitude especially in challenging moments makes all the difference in my opinion.

It makes our health better, relationships improve, the flow of opportunities and prosperity, at personal, national and international levels. These are aspects of outmost importance. These show willingness to regard life as sacred and integrate ourselves with grace thus allowing appreciation, admiration, respect, compassion, honor, honesty, devotion, fun, relaxation, laughter, good senses, clarity, good energy flow, respect for ourselves, for other human beings, animals, plants, for the whole planet and all that is connected through the stream of energy permitting in all there is….

Yoga, Tai Chi, Tantra, Ayurveda, Reiki, Qi Qong can also be useful practices to cultivate ones’ own energy preventing from compulsive tendencies of taking from others’ since we see and comprehend we are the ones who can allow ourselves the flow of energy, of looking within, expressing peacefully, summoning energy in our vital organs not scattering it away in worries or so but balancing it, channel it for our health and balance. Our own balance is strongly connected to the balance of all there is and so is with everyone else. The peace is within us, the balance, the health and prosperity. This is where we start the peace of the world, by honoring and cultivating our own energy and allowing respect, honor, balance, joy and wellbeing, prosperity, freedom and creativity, love and health for ourselves and all those around us.