6 Lessons from Disney Movies

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  • Basically, however you feel on the inside, you wind up acting upon  – and wanting to make others feel. So, if you’re angry on the inside – you’ll act out in anger – and wind up making others feel angry. If you feel loving on the inside –you’ll want to do loving actions – and make others feel loved.Meaning? If there’s someone who’s mean to you – a bully – you should know it’s because they feel bad inside themselves – angry inside themselves.
  • Those who have received little love will offer only what they have if they don’t cultivate good behavior and values. All those characters who are mean in Disney movies, don’t have a lot of love in their lives – and so they choose seeking power, to try to make up for lack of love. Whenever you choose power over love you will never find true happiness.
  • Bad Disney characters treat even their friends badly and consequently their friends don’t love them continuing thus the circle.
  • Thus, having little love for others or themselves, they all start to feel jealous, to talk about not loving who they are – as they are. As a result of not having love – they pursue power – to try to fill themselves up inside. But power is like junk food for the spirit. Love is like healthy food for the spirit. Power might feel tasty and good in the moment – but it will never be satisfying – never fill you up.
  • Yep, no matter how much power you get – you will always feel empty. And you look for more and more. But because power is like junk food, the more you get, the sicker you feel inside – not happier.
  • In contrast, the good characters seek love – not power. And the more love these good characters get – the more loving friends they enjoy – and loving acts they do – the happier they become – and the more self-fulfilled they feel.
  • Love is the ultimate super power. And teamwork is another super power. When you join loving forces with those you love, you can accomplish lots – like all the good characters in Disney movies get to enjoy.
  • All the bad characters in Disney movies are always jealous of something that someone else has. The evil characters never take time to find out what their “true inner power” might be ( their “true inner passion”).
  • Because these bad characters feel as if they don’t have a “true inner power” – they try to take power from others. They particularly like to take power from those who are “in their true power” – the good characters who have some special inner power (aka: a passion for singing, a passion for a special love connection, a passion for swimming, the ability to grow magical hair.)
  • In contrast, the good characters in these films take the time to fully step into their own true power – so they have no desire to take power.  The good characters are focused on following their heart’s calling (singing, swimming, spending loving time with soul mates and soul friends, going towards the light in a distant village) And when these good characters take the time to pursue their own “true inner power” (their heart’s calling) they ironically wind up tapping into an increased sense of ” inner power” –thereby increasing self love and happiness.
  • Meaning? When you follow your heart’s calling,  you wind up becoming your most powerful self.  You don’t need to take power from others if you can tap into your own inner power.
  • Power’s okay to want to – as long as you are loving in your use of it – and use your power for good not evil, to make people happy otherwise no one would benefit . As Spiderman admits, “with great power comes great responsibility. “
  • Don’t just listen to what others tell you – watch their actions: look at how they treat those around them.  If they’re mean to their  “so called friends” – then that’s a warning they might be mean to you.
  • It’s important to give people a chance to learn lessons and change their bad ways– if a mistake is made  – and someone acts badly.
  • In fact, many of the good people/mermaids/mermen in these films made mistakes. They didn’t act as their highest best self. But they all apologized for their bad behavior – looked for the lesson to be learned – and expressed wanting to grow from their mistakes. They even followed up their apology with a positive action which showed they learned their lesson – and were choosing not to do this bad behavior anymore.
  • Meaning? Even if somebody does something bad – it doesn’t necessarily mean they are forever bad. Also – even if YOU do something bad – it does not mean YOU are forever bad. Each of us can act badly at times – make mistakes –or act badly. What’s most important is to always want to learn and grow from any misbehavior.

source: Notsalom.com


Live in the Moment

12339_558695824167375_724698954_n“I found out recently that my friend’s brother had passed away rather quickly from advanced stage cancer.

Whenever I hear about a death, it really makes me think about how precious our time here on Earth is. It makes me think about my life, and if I will have any regrets should I end up leaving so suddenly.

I guess times like these can serve as a reminder to live a life without regrets.”by Atidecream

 Leo Babauta says:

“This morning I had a ton of work to do, and I felt the anxiety building, the moment I woke up and started thinking about all that work.

Instead of getting moving, I watched my anxiety. It’s an interesting feeling of rising panic, of adrenaline shooting from my chest outward. My mind was racing, my heart was beating fast.

I’ve learned to deal with it, so that while it still comes up, I now have trust that I’ll be fine. And that, in turn, helps it to go away sooner.

So what do you do when you’re overwhelmed and have a crapload of work to do?

Here are the practices that work for me. I offer them to you in hopes that they’ll help you.

1. Trust in the moment. Anxiety is usually a fear (or a bunch of fears) about the future, which is pretty normal. But what this really is … is a lack of trust in the future.

Actually nothing really bad will happen to me in the future if I act consistent with my principles so I trust the present moment, and trust that things will work out.

Try this: look at the moment you’re in. Look around you, look inward at yourself. Basically, this moment is fine. If it weren’t, you’d probably be in an ambulance instead of reading a Zen Habits post.

If this moment is fine, the next one will probably be too. And the one after.

2. Meditate for a few minutes. Just sit still for 3 minutes, and pay attention to the breath, to your body, to the sounds around you. Keep coming back to these things in the present when your mind wanders.

3. Make a short list. With a lot of work to do, it can be overwhelming. So I should focus on the most important. What will make the most difference today? Not just the semi-urgent emails, but the tasks that mean the most to my life and career.This tends to be about 3-5 things per day.

4. Single-task. The best of my ability, I stay with the present task instead of allowing myself to constantly switch.

5. Set intentions. What do I hope to accomplish? What’s my motivation? This helps me to understand the Why of the task, and keeps me motivated when things get hard.

 “To help my readers with a problem” is a much better reason than, “Because it’s on my list” or “Because I got an email asking me to do it”. I might do the task either way, but with a solid intention, I’m more focused, more motivated.

6. Realize you’re already there. Often we’re rushing to get somewhere. But where are we going? Will we be happier when we get there? Is that place better than where we already are?

I’ve found that no, it’s not any better. Where we already are is just as great. This moment is just as good as wherever we’re rushing off to. We’ve already arrived. So I smile, and appreciate the moment, and this makes the current task not a stepping stone to something better, but something great in and of itself.

7. Keep a stateless mindset. When we rush through a lot of tasks, they tend to accumulate in our heads.

These cost a lot of energy so by letting go of past and future tasks, and just focusing on the current task, we can be less stressed and burdened throughout the day. Read more.

8. Let go of finishing your list or inbox. Set a schedule and try to respect it. I practice letting go, and allow some emails to remain in my inbox, and some tasks to remain for tomorrow.

These are the things I try to practice. I don’t always get them right, and I mess up constantly. But when I remember to do these practices, my day is much better, I’m more focused, and my stress levels drop dramatically.”

source: http://zenhabits.net/ and Atidecream

The Child That Holds Us Back

8747_777648088918070_92577918_nThe Child That Holds Us Back

By Leo Babauta

It took me a long time to figure out why I, and so many others, have difficulties changing habits and making lasting changes in our lives. It all comes down to a little child. And that child lives within each of us. This is the voice that stops us from making lasting changes.

This is the voice that says it’s OK to have those pastries, those French fries, that fried chicken. Life should be pleasurable!

This is the same voice that says it’s OK to skip out on exercise, is the same voice that causes you to procrastinate when you’re facing a difficult task.

It causes you to skip meditation, or skip learning a language, or skip writing your book, because you’d rather be doing something easier. This is the voice that keeps you from starting your own business, or pursuing the job you always wanted, because you’re afraid of failure.

This voice isn’t you. It’s a little child inside you. It’s the younger version of you, perhaps when you were 5 or 6.  But you’re not 5 years old anymore.

And yet your life is run by this 5-year-old. The trick is to notice that this 5-year-old child is telling you what to do. But don’t listen. Don’t obey. Don’t believe its rationalizations.

You can endure difficulty. You can learn to be OK with discomfort. You can face the fear.

Source: http://zenhabits.net/child/

Bounce Back from Depression

555853_774169439265935_1577367169_nThere are times when all of us may feel tired, overwhelmed, sick and depressed. Depression may be a sign from our body, from our psychic telling us to wake up.

Negative thoughts cause us pain which is supposed to awaken us. Just thank that thought, that feeling and start doing what you love.

Do something that makes you appreciate life, something that makes you be grateful for being alive.

It can be something simple: put some music and move your body. Release tensions and frustration through music. Dance and rhythm is used from ancient times for divine purposes. Rhythm is divine. Stars have rhythm, plants have rhythm, your heart has a rhythm.

When we feel signs of depresion remember what Leo from zenhabits.net says:

1. I stopped being so self-centered.

So thinking about others instead of myself helps solve self-doubt and self-pity.

2. I loosened my identity.

For example, we get attached to ideas of who we are.Others might question what we do which can make us feel angry or hurt because of criticism, the need to be right etc.

“When I wasn’t productive, it made me despair because then I was worried I wasn’t who I thought I was. My solution was to realize that I’m not one thing.”

“It doesn’t matter if someone thinks I didn’t do a good job — because I don’t always do a good job. I make mistakes, I am less than perfect. And that’s perfectly OK.”

3. I remembered that this day counts.

“I only have so many days left on earth. I don’t know how many that is, but I do know it’s a very limited number. I know that each one of those limited days is a gift, a blessing, a miracle. ”

” Sometimes taking a break to nourish yourself is a worthwhile activity, because that allows you to do other worthwhile things, but just sitting around in self-pity isn’t helpful, I’ve found. So I got up and did something.”

4. I created movement.

“It can be hard to get moving when you are stuck. This is how I felt in 2005 when I couldn’t change any of my habits (…)

“I took the smallest possible step. Just opening up a document, just starting a list, just getting out a notebook. These are so small as to be insignificant, and yet so easy as to be possible. And it showed me the next step was possible, and the next.”

‘Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.’~Helen Keller

source: http://zenhabits.net/

Love and Light from Adele

In 2014 I will Let Go to What isn’t of Service

1394257_750998641580934_383985498_n“My year is already booked with love, success, happiness, joy, freedom and achievement of my dreams. 

th love, success, happiness, joy, freedom and achievement of my dreams. 

 I was thinking of my life kind of like a bookshelf. A bookshelf should be lined with valuable books only.  I need a New SCRIPT. And my bookshelf of life needs space for new books, new chapters, with HAPPY endings. 

Because if I HOLD ON to THIS (unhealthy attitudes, toxic relationships etc), I’ll LET GO of what I deserve. And If I let go of what I DESERVE, I’ll be holding on to YOU but letting go of ME. And all that spells is me being UNHAPPY.

But right now, I chose to be free and I chose to be me. I love you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TO LET THIS GO IN PEACE. Please let me be. It’s time for me to be HAPPY!!! Please set me FREE!!”

by Shanel Cooper-Sykes


See yourself AS greatness. AS being extraordinary. AS
being the leader. AS having money in the bank. AS being
powerful. AS being happily married. AS an entrepreneur. AS being a homeowner. AS driving that new Mercedes. AS loved. AS desired. AS blessed. AS happy. AS peaceful. AS perfect.
And because you see yourself that way (because that’s
who you truly are), you will almost magically make this new year BIGGER and BETTER than ever before. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO THRIVE!!!
“With the new year here, I encourage you this:
Resolve to do nothing.

Instead, allow yourself to be.

Allow yourself to be seen

To be heard

To be loved
Unabashedly, unconditionally, uncompromisingly, unquestioningly,
completely and totally loved.

Allow yourself to be who you are
A child of Love,
Beautiful, whole, free.

With every fiber of my being, from the depths of my soul, I know this will be YOUR best year yet.
How could it not? You’ve got angels. You are love. Be!

I look forward to 2014, and I thank you for taking the journey with me to learn, laugh, let go, and be.

With love to all, Steff” by Angel’s Insight