“7 Years ago I married myself. I had a small ceremony alone in Central Park. I wrote vows to myself. I made a promise before God to love myself unconditionally. To cherish and to take care of myself. To honor my worth. To work hard in the pursuit of reaching my dreams.

To stay focused despite the obstacles that were to come. To cherish and honor my body and mind. To consistently forgive myself and others as I move through life. And to be the best Shanel Cooper-Sykes that I could possibly be. I bought a small 1 carat diamond ring and I wore it like the man of my dreams placed it on my finger…
Within those years of my self nuptials… there were many relationships, many businesses, many lessons, many setbacks, many tears, a few proposals here and there and a LOT of love and learning. But through it all I kept my commitment to myself. TO LOVE & HONOR *MYSELF* NO MATTER WHAT. I am living proof that when you put yourself FIRST — God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Putting God first means putting yourself first. To put God first means to love yourself and others unconditionally as GOD WOULD. That means having unstoppable faith. Always honoring your body, mind & spirit. Standing strong in your beliefs and values and living your life a certain way. Not allowing others to deter you from what you know is right. Forgiving yourself and others no matter the amount of pain endured. Being calm, kind, patient and understanding with yourself and others. All of that IS honoring God. We are all made in the likeness & image of God. We are reflections of God. You must speak, act & treat yourself as such… to the best of your ability.”

by Shanel Cooper-Sykes


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