You are Stronger Than That

1526916_667189696637891_396061769_n“From insurmountable obstacles facing you to overwhelming odds against you,
Love is stronger than that.

From chronic illness consuming you to the confusion and chaos swirling round you,
Love is stronger than that.

From the ghosts of the past haunting you to the phantoms of the future distracting you,
Love is stronger that that.

From financial worries to wounds and woes, from loss to doubt and even death.
Love is stronger than that.

Love is stronger than any of these. Love clears the path, lights the way, frees the heart and opens the mind to inspiration, action, hope and healing.

Love is stronger than this world, stronger than your fears, because Love gives YOU the strength to act on your own behalf.

No matter how large your problems seem loom,
Love IS stronger than than. In you, through you, love is stronger than that.

Today, if only for a moment, be still. Whatever you are facing, let love prove itself to you. Take action, follow intuition, feel better, stronger, free; then declare,
“Fear, take that!”

I see you inspired, taking a baby step, then running, dancing, celebrating, free! YES.
With blessings, Steff” from Angel’s Insight


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