Create more Value to Have and Live More

young-adults-having-fun-beach-14620777Look around you.

What you see is an external manifestation of your current essence.

Your vibration is the same as the vibration of your surroundings if you don’t like where you are. However, being blind to the fact or choosing to ignore it would prevent you from changing it.

I learnt to be honest with myself and accepted that I was where I was because I deserved it.

Accepting where you are and that you deserve to be there enables you to see the situation more clearly. You can’t see the situation clearly if you deny it. 

 I created the amount of value that manifested these circumstances. In other words, the quality of energy I put out into the world returned me the circumstances that reflected this energy.

So I reasoned that if I created more value, I would automatically be rewarded with better circumstances. That proved to be the case.

I will share with you one more reason that allowed me to live the way I want. I infuse my work with unconditional love. 

Whenever I work on my blog, I feel so much love. This love is always there. I love my work because I found my calling.

Another tip – I never work on my business when I feel the slightest negative emotion. I intuitively feel that if I touched my business with a negative emotion, it would become less successful.

 If you love what you do, you will always succeed. The love of your work will sooner or later place you in beautiful and happy surroundings.

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