Thankful for my life

7456_597367136947917_1862993520_nI believed people tried to cheat me with money, with other things until I realized I had unrealistic expectations in some aspects.

I sometimes avoided to ask for money when I should have done it because it was my right (when driving others with the car for days, weeks or even months) . When I did, after a while I realized sometimes I have forgotten the money I asked for in the beginning and then thought that they gave me to little…pff..

Other times I got frustrated by things like, “I shouldn’t have to drive to that place but to a near one” forgetting the advantages I had in the first place. So I started a fight with my colleague on a subject like this and now we barely collaborate although our collaboration was useful or could have been even more useful for both of us..

I thought that being born in May was the best month to be born in…until I met people born in autumn, born in winter, wonderful people born in wonderful seasons.. Because once I grew older I started realizing that each season and each month has something good, unique and wonderful about it.

It is September now. Children start school, its’ a bit colder, the days are shorter but also the sun has a different warming light, a cheerful air and an atmosphere that is almost magic..

I thought that sleeping longer and being cozy in the morning was one of the best experiences until it made me sad. I realized that being on the edge of time was taking me so much of life.

So I got up earlier, I made several sports’ moves, I read my daily affirmations with confidence, I changed my clothes and combed my hair, did my make-up, took my pills in time and ate. And I felt great, so alive!

I jumped in my car and thanked my car for all the wonderful places we have visited together. I said my Hooponopono: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you” affirmations. I apologized for all my hurries, all the bumps I took, all the times I was angry, unhappy while driving it.

And I promised myself and my car that even if sometimes people abandon me because they have another course in life, even if times are difficult I will always be grateful for my yellow car. It is actually the only thing I own. It was a gift from my entire family. I am thankful for all the joy, love, responsibility and freedom they have given to me.

I love you, please forgive me.


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