Gratitude for my Affordable Ford Car

It is September now. Children start school, its’ a bit colder, the days are shorter but also the sun has a different warming light, a cheerful air and an atmosphere that is almost magic..

I thought that sleeping longer and being cozy in the morning was one of the best experiences until it made me sad. I realized that being on the edge of time was taking me so much of life.

So I got up earlier, I made several sports’ moves, I read my daily affirmations with confidence, I changed my clothes and combed my hair, did my make-up, took my pills in time and ate. And I felt great, so alive!

I jumped in my car and thanked my car for all the wonderful places we have visited together. I said my Hooponopono: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you” affirmations. I apologized for all my hurries, all the bumps I took, all the times I was angry, unhappy while driving it.

And I promised myself and my car that even if sometimes people abandon me because they have another course in life, even if times are difficult I will always be grateful for my yellow Ford car. It is actually the only thing I own. It was a gift from my entire family.

So when I received this car, when my family gave me this small, yellow, cheerful, fast and furios 🙂 Ford, time and energy saving eco machine they gave me freedom, they gave flexibility, they gave me the time and energy to go where I wanted and I dreamed of. I am able to go to aerobics, to dance classes, to be part of 2 choirs..

And so I met wonderful people and experienced such joy, frustration and discomfort of becoming  better 🙂 I have traveled with the car and with the choirs due to being persistent and on time for many rehearsals.

I am so thankful for this car. I own it for 3 years now and it has been a blessing. I thank my parents and due to all these blessings and many others they have thought me to appreciate distance, get out of the car to make more accurate estimations.

Through this car they have taught me to be more present, to be patient, to respect others, to be responsible because real life actions bring real life consequences. And even the lack of action it is an action and it brings results or lack of results. And some results may be more expensive than a visit to a cosmetic saloon.

I forgive my parents and I forgive myself because I have learned the lesson of love, appreciation, gratitude and responsibility.

Having a good rest, getting up earlier, gave me the opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of life. The sunshine, the people around me, smiling, waving, the mates in the traffic which were appearing in front of me but I respected them because I wasn’t greedy,  in a hurry, I was at peace with myself, with others, with time and it all blended in naturally..

Since my affordable Ford car is yellow and pretty and visible even birds get close to it, small dogs are curios and that makes be even more careful and joyous. They make me smile and be more cautious. They have instilled in me a respect for nature and somehow it made me feel closer to nature.

To be even more eco with my efficient Forda Ka I travel with mates back from work. They’re shift starts earlier but we have a deal to return together. I feel I have a purpose, and a meaning and I work for a noble cause.

Thank you, I love you

photo source: Ford


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