Emotional Independence



1. Being too controlling and stressed

Women get to the extremes of emotional independence when they become control-freaks. This makes them overly masculine and assertive. This quality isn’t feminine and thus it’s not attractive for a woman to have.

Usually women who are controlling are not aware of how they look to the outside world but it clearly shows on their faces. When I see women like that I remark in my mind “Take it easy” as they look so in need of good relaxation!

I don’t usually see Asian women like that; it’s the disease of the US mainly, as well as UK and some other European countries. Women as such need to understand that this stress and control is unnecessary.

Do your best and Let God control things for you whilst you relax and watch events taking place smoothly and for the goodness of all. It works perfectly. The Universal Intelligence knows what’s best for you and it loves you unconditionally. Give it a chance to control things for you.

2. Giving up the world to serve another

I can’t count how many bitter women I met over my life who kept reflecting back onto how much they did for someone only to be let down, and how angry and unhappy they are because of this.

That looks like a nice thing to do, serving other, but renouncing it all for another it’s harmful. Each one of us is an independent being with our own issues to solve and goals to achieve. Let’s not sacrifice the lessons we came to this earth to learn for serving some individual.

Both Women and Man can get caught up

There are different emotional independence issues men and women have to tackle. For men it’s usually storing emotions inside that get them out of balance, whilst women sometimes become control-freaks or invest too much of their lives into a relationship.

Both men and women can experience other emotional independence issues such as becoming too much emotionally attached to a celebrity, becoming a cult slave or not being able to live independent life from the family.

All these emotional independence issues must be solved for the human being to feel happy and healthy. It’s natural and healthy to rely on yourself and feel strength when the chaos prevails outside. You can achieve such a state by developing your emotional independence.

The thing is, the other person doesn’t have to appreciate your efforts. You should understand that you should live for yourself and not for others. You need to learn why you’re here on earth and direct your energies to realize yourself and help support others not become enslaved by this.

It’s the devotional nature of women that’s to blame for so many wasted lives, and I think it was installed in us from the patriarchal societies and not by God. We are just recovering from the male rule, so it makes sense that some mental relics are still there.



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