Access Spiritual Sciences to Step Out of Self Sabotage and Truly Thrive

Yogic Sciences, Tao Science, Prana or Ayurveda sciences have been for some time disregarded but that only kept people in unhealthy patterns of addiction, depression, compulsive shopping and emotional eating, anxiety, aggression, etc.

Why do I call Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Prana Techniques, Tao, sciences? Because they have their own method, specific language, and people who practise them experience the results. Moreover these days, modern sciences have recognised these results.

Let’s step out of limiting beliefs and replace our unhealthy habits with a session of meditation, stretching, breathing and conscious eating.

Whether you live a sedentary stressful life, you want to have better bone structure, balance your circulation, have more optimism, clarity, solution oriented mind, more creative and peaceful, see if you can meditate for 15 minutes, do some simple stretching or breathing exercise, eat in accordance to your bodies’ necessities, massage your body and thank it for its’ support, walk in nature, honor life more.


Body Image Perception

Someone who doesn’t care about themselves is not attractive and can be a bad influence on the partner and kids, those people need support or counseling. And is not just about people who don’t work out it can be applied to many different aspects of self care, honor and self respect. Either are people who suffered emotional neglect as children and have continued the pattern, or narcissistic abuse, codependency issues, etc. And I do know people who have fat and are doing the self care and the work. And is beautiful. Its an entire lifestyle, involving more fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, cereals, water, stress management, PTSD recovery (see Inner Integration, Lisa A Ramon), enjoying nature, decluttering, prioritising, organising. This is part of my opinion and is not about shaming, is about better caring for our bodies, for our hearts, mind and soul. Its not about the weight, although weight may lead us to see if we are underweight or overweight and if there are ways to honor and serve ourselves better. And yes, Germanic medicine, Bruce Lipton, psychotherapists, coaches, Lise Bourbeau, Louise Hay, etc do know there is unity mind-body. Men’s sana in corpore sano dating thousands of years ago, Tao, Ayurveda thousands of years even before that… I do not agree with any kind of shaming be it physical, moral, spiritual, scientific but I do prioritise clarity, quest, openness and insight. You like my ideas, you can learn something useful? Good. If not please move on to what is of value to you. I only posted for those who are interested in this type of mentality, for people who want to allow better ways in their lives, more love, health, clarity and freedom.

Maybe if those people shaming you give so much attention, they are somehow attracted it seems…otherwise they will mind their own business. Or maybe they just feel intimidated or they don’t quite love, accept and approve of themselves either… And some want to challenge, motivate, others misdirect their anger and frustration meanwhile others just seek energy and attention. We all are magnificent, glorious and beautiful in our own way.

Commit to Happiness: Bear Necessities

1.check-in, check in, recognise emotions, stay with them, it will be better, when needed distract from them in a useful way: breathing, expanding vision and clarity, creativity, walks in nature, meditation
2. Bear Necessities:
-sleep even from 8 pm to really replenish and regenerate,
-buy, cook, eat simple: rice, potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, buckweet, pasta, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds; some of them are long term lasting foods one should always have at home to boil. Give beans and peas a boil several hours before you actually cook them in the boiling pot;
– stay hidrated, water gives health, clarity, stamina, vitality, creativity, energy and keeps good healthy organs and tissues.
– simple creative, organised clothes, things and schedule. Yeah, it can be that simple. Simple is efficient, clever, intelligent, sophisticated, healthy, creative and honorable. Love yourself enough to trust this. Don’t explain, don’t push against those with different opinions. Simplify your life. Decluter gradually your tasks, wardrobe, your mind, breath, energy body, your expenses and studies. Keep it smart and efficient.

3. Commit to your happiness. Have daily simple bear necessities goals for daily life. Expand with simple weekly and monthly goals. Keep your eyes on the ball: the bear necessities above, being in time at work, polite but assertive, simply you, normal, efficient, humble, grateful.
4. What Do You Do Most of Your Time? What do you think about, what activities you have, how do you organise? Check in, keep it as simple as you can, keep your eyes on the ball. Have patience.
5. Be smart with your stress. Take care of your self, again! Bare necessities ensures you are rested, well fed with natural simple foods and hydrated and enjoy time in nature for optimal physical, mental and emotional balance. Pace yourself.
6. Keep low profile, do your gratitude list each morning. At evening envision forgiving others and asking for forgiveness, appreciate the good and know there are ways in which you already are appreciated. Send love and see the best and the potential in others. See them at their best and send them love.
7. Shake your stress and negativity off, meditate and walk it out, dance it out in your room. Your room as your life, body and environment and other aspects have been given to you as gifts to enjoy and make the best that you can in the moment so enjoy. Keep it short and simple and restrain from gossip, blaming, shaming, critising others or yourself. Mocking is not funny on neither parts. With reccurent negative behaviours in others, keep interactions short, seldom and keep them in good regard. Seeing others as victims leads to becoming one of them… So regard people in their pure potential and they will, when they are ready, rise up to it.
8. Become aware of feelings and communicate it in a connected way: Breath and say:”I feel this way” and really be present, vulnerable in expressing it and humble with your emotion. Open the door for the other to see the impact of their behaviour giving them a chance to connection, comprehension and humanity…

Cultivating our Own Energy allows more Wellbeing to the World

When we allow relaxation, ease, when we stop pushing against things and focus more on what is healthy, beautiful, balanced, centered within, grounded, on what brings us real joy and balance we allow more balancing energy in our bodies.

In fact, we stop the conditioning and fight or flight programming, we heal our patterns of wounds and dramas by disconnecting from their mechanisms and allowing a broader perspective, being able to sit sometimes in the discomfort knowing it is going to be all right, this too shall pass allowing better solutions, wisdom and comprehension.

When we hydrate, sleep well, eat more raw fruits and vegetables, meditate, enjoy time outside in nature, enjoy movement, breathing steadily, concentrating more on simple beauty, on simple joys appreciating the summer and the winter sparkling evening sky, the sunrise and the dawn, seeing people with love, appreciating more, having an attitude of grace and gratitude especially in challenging moments makes all the difference in my opinion.

It makes our health better, relationships improve, the flow of opportunities and prosperity, at personal, national and international levels. These are aspects of outmost importance. These show willingness to regard life as sacred and integrate ourselves with grace thus allowing appreciation, admiration, respect, compassion, honor, honesty, devotion, fun, relaxation, laughter, good senses, clarity, good energy flow, respect for ourselves, for other human beings, animals, plants, for the whole planet and all that is connected through the stream of energy permitting in all there is….

Yoga, Tai Chi, Tantra, Ayurveda, Reiki, Qi Qong can also be useful practices to cultivate ones’ own energy preventing from compulsive tendencies of taking from others’ since we see and comprehend we are the ones who can allow ourselves the flow of energy, of looking within, expressing peacefully, summoning energy in our vital organs not scattering it away in worries or so but balancing it, channel it for our health and balance. Our own balance is strongly connected to the balance of all there is and so is with everyone else. The peace is within us, the balance, the health and prosperity. This is where we start the peace of the world, by honoring and cultivating our own energy and allowing respect, honor, balance, joy and wellbeing, prosperity, freedom and creativity, love and health for ourselves and all those around us.

Love Yourself

Epecially since I am visiting ADM community near Amsterdam I realize people are genius.

I start to love people more and more. Now I realise there are many ways to live and that personal respect is very important.

Sometimes is chalenging to notice my own power,beauty and potential so those around me shouldn”t fuss about it. Honestly, I had my G spot all the time with me and I just discovered it yesterday, so make your own conclusions. Who knows what else I will discover the following days…

This is why I am telling you: love yourself, care for yourself, love your art, nurture your joy and passion, connect with others.

Lovingly give others the space to express themselve and give yourself time to perceive, understand, integrate. Nurture your creativity by eating more fuits an vegetables, hydrate yourself,connect with nature, connect wih inspiring people, make some time to express and manifest your pasion.

Live your passion every day, live your life now with full awareness inside and also outside. Always keep part of your attention inside and to your body.

Learning to wear others’ shoes

Sometimes when my partner expresses his anger, frustration he expresses his perception of the World.

Sometimes this perception can be distorted. This is ok because each ofus have our own perception of reality. Expressing  his perception says a lot about his inner state, it is a cry for help,for clarification, for moving the energy, for asking love and care.

I read that is important to speak aut when things seem distorted to me and I agree it is important. However, after you have mastered yourinner process of clarification you can go to the level of calmly and detached listening.

It is the time for me to offer space for others to express their own experience of the World. I am strong and wise enough to know that this process can offer confort and  emotional release.

We can afterwards clarify aspects, apologyze if I wronged, express or clarify my intentions. I can express anger in a loving way by expressing my frustration, my feelings, how it makes me feel.

I allow the other to know me better, to know my expectations and my needs. This allows us to connect deeper and meet each others deeper needs or at least acknowledge them.

The 5 love languages book is magic. It explains clearly and simply different languages of live. It is easier to understand the partner when we know what language of love sp

Love Yourself

What does that mean?

For me loving myself is different than what I thought it is. Loving myself is all about creating a temple within myself and my life. When I think beautiful thoughts I love myself.

When I take care of my body I love myself: I do my physical exercises, I hydrate my body, I say beautiful words, I touch with gentlenes, I engage in life creatively, I honor my body, my mind, spirit, emotions.

I embrace my dark side with love and understanding. I just ease into life. I talk to my inner child to understand my fears. I go Deep into my core beliefs. Please look on youtube for Teal Swan video Core Beliefs.

I  nurture my spirit and my mind with the best inspiration. I  follow Ralph Smarts’ Infinite Waters Diving Deep Channel on youtube. I also listen regularly to inspiring insights from Louise Hay.

Life has been always supporting me but now I embrace life more. However there are moments and moments and I go through them more easily. Ralph Smart gives me power to go into action every day, Teal Swan helps me gain Deep understanding about myself and others. Louise helps me perceive life more beautiful. In total, I feel better equiped for life.